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Obviously gutted by the result we deserved all 3 points, but we did play well most of the game if they put that out every week nobody should be disappointed everyone put a shift in and that’s all people have been asking for, that one mistake from Beestin shouldn’t have cost us 2 points but when things aren’t going your way that’s what happens, should have gone 3-0 up when we had a 2 on 1 with Beestin and Jarvis but Beestin put the ball to far in front of himself, Beestin still played well and would still have got a 6 from me, man of the match Jarvis worked his socks off, to me none of our starting players had a poor game. Stick with the 4,4,2 Cox surely you saw the difference it made, Carlisle very poor and we let them back into the game they hardly deserved to be in, but very nice to be in that winning position for once even though we let it go. Onwards and upwards up the Iron.