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It’s hard to put into a single post how shite that was today.

How does Beestin drop to the bench for 2 young lads who looked scared shitless all game every time Exeter ran at them. Even Pugh should have started ahead of both. Complete waste of 2 vital places when there’s areas on the pitch desperately lacking.

One of those areas being up front- no-one whatsoever to hold the ball up- if the game plan is knock long balls up 50 yards, why not start Jarvis? O’Neil looks like he’s been picked from the Clugston stand at half time to have a go.

Back 3 were shambolic; we all knew cover was needed there if we suffered injuries/suspensions but instead it was decided 8 centre mids have to be on the books.

Millen reminded me of an old rover 200 when the head gasket had blown, was utterly knackered after 30 minutes and should’ve been taken off.

Lills sounded as confused and bewildered as we all felt watching, poor bloke is so out of his depth and Must be wondering how he is back at a professional club.

Swann OUT

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