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Ferrite’s I’m at a loss as to why you’re even backing the club’s corner as we’ve won 1 in 17 matches.

We do concede late goals quite often, Ferrite…it’s already been proven as we’re culpable of it so far this season.

Because you always hear bores saying “we concede so many late goals” and pretending like we’re the only club that does it. I’m trying to understand if there is something in it or if we’re no different from most other clubs.

As you rightly point out, we’re crap in a whole host of different ways, I’m curious if this is another failing or an area where we’re not too bad.

Anyway, the “late goal” at Northampton was essentially irrelevant as we would have lost anyway and probably only conceded because we were pushing forward to try to get something out of the game. I think we’d all rather the team did that than just settle for a 1-0, no?