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Cox got that wrong tactically in my opinion. Goal was clearly coming and finally brought people on but only changed like for like and never really adapted tactically, no tactical nous whatsoever which most expect from Cox.

I don’t get Green starting ahead of Scrimshaw as he’s been absolutely awful. Thompson had a bit of a shocker. Hackney is supposed to have a hell of lot of talent but if that’s anything to go by his game may not adapt to this level of football.

Granted he’s only played in 1 game but he’s appears to want far too much time on ball and isn’t the biggest physically. Hackney should have come off at half time in all honesty, it was like playing with 9 men at times, never got into the game and didn’t offer much at all.

I suspect he’ll be a luxury player at this level. Hackney will probably end up being one of those types who would do well in top end league 1 and championship but seriously struggle at this kind of level.

Wood on the other hand looks a proper player who’s game will lend it’s self to most levels of football. One poster mentioned Ryan Yates as a comparison and to be fair he does match up well to him, he appears to be a really good all round player.

Wood looks to have a bit of bite about him and puts himself about where as Hackney will probably be one of those “pretty” players who struggle with the physicality.

Defence looked shaky as hell again. Manny was all over the place and Davis looked dodgy as well. Next match it will be Rowe in there with Millen at RB.

CM midfield I’d go Wood, Perry and Beestin. Jarvis and Scrimshaw upfront. Green needs time on the bench. I understand he’s quick but he doesn’t really offer anything else and besides being quick, he never uses his pace effectively anyway.

We need Loft back, sooner the better. Perry back in CM for his passing. Thompson keeps that shite up he offered up today then O’Malley needs to come back in. I know he’s not made the best start himself but he looks out of favour now.

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