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This chairman promised much from a new stadium to a revamped stadium to the hope of championship football but none of this has materialised in 8 years of his stewardship

This ^^^^

It’s the PR that has been the problem. I don’t recall any other chairman since we entered the league who “promised” as much as Mr Swann, yet delivered so little. Perhaps if the new/refurbished stadia and the Championship/exciting attacking football promises hadn’t been made then fans would look upon his tenure more favourably.

However, as numerous posts outline, there’s been no improvements made over that time and we are certainly in a worse position now than when he took over.

Of course we have had disastrous seasons in the past but we have always bounced back. This decline has been long and protracted both on and on the pitch.

Trust in the ownership is at all time low, then the club puts out a statement effectively blaming Covid and the fans themselves, instead of admitting responsibility.

I just can’t see things getting any better whilst the present club structure remains in place.

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