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Tuesday night was a disgrace, practically a team full of youngsters and the brain dead decided the best way to ‘support’ them was to chant about the Swanns.

For the record if I was Swann I’d have sold up years ago. Too many idiots thinking they know how to run a football club around.

So UTI99—-Do you think that the club is being run properly, please answer that question, at the same time of answering, please bare in mind that the owner has run up a debt of £11.5 million, dropped down from being a team in the top few of League 1 into the relegation area each year of League 2, have lost all their better players, have borrowe £1 million from the Football League which has resulted in stiff penalties, now are operating a team of sub standard non league standard non league players, have a ground that is run down and neglected, they have taken the ground from the club due to the debt that the board suppervised, have lost 50% of its once proud supporters, have a team that plays defensive unentertaining rubbish, and just one more, have now gone 16 matches since winning a bloody game (correct me if I am wrong Big Left Toe). So UTI99, do you think that the club is being run correctly mate, and should supporters be turning up in droves and doing hand springs along Brownsword Way on match days in order to please your mate Swanny,, you are a stupid bloody idiot UTI99, DEFINITELY!!!

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