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Only thing is you can talk about attacking football but when we haven’t got any defensive midfield players and hardly no decent fit strikers it’s a bit of a long shot.

I do however notice that every time we get in the lead we tend it sit back and inevitably concede, always been the same under Cox.

Cox reminds me of Wilcox.

One Loft is back, he and Scrimshaw will cause a lot of teams problems in league 2. Out wide and especially CM currently is a big worry for me.

I’d honestly stick Beestin upfront with Scrimshaw and stick a loan defensive midfielder alongside Perry in a 4/4/2. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d play Hippolyte LW and Green on the right.

I don’t think Green adds anything on the left with Davis and Manny as the 2 CB’s with Thompson and Pugh “until Millen is fit” as Full backs.

I hate this formation we’re playing now, it’s awful. I can understand why he’s done it though with no defensive midfielder soon as he get’s one though he wants to be changing it.

Will he be brave enough though ?