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Every week we read of unsavory actions being taken by club management, true supporters are faced by one thing after another, all the bullshit we have been given over seven years, we now cannot use cash in the ground, we have sunken to an all time low, with results, entertainment and general enjoyment throughout our once enjoyable visits to GP, with many loyal long term or even short term supporters driven from what was a very big part of our lives. So after the ground, car park and training land being taken from us, we have no reason to even go to games any longer, simply because the club is on its last legs, we have lost everything we ever had, and if John is no longer doing the half time ticket draw selling and being in charge of the away team bus, that must be about the last straw. It is difficult to see why such a devoted, friendly and loyal person can no longer be doing these jobs for the good of supporters and club funds, it just points to me, that everything is being done nowadays so that the club fails.

It is difficult to see how supporters can accept any more of this, and it is about time fans got together and demanded to know why the club management appear to do so many things against supporters wishes, I feel that I and a few friends and family of mine have done the correct thing by no longer attending matches, what’s the point!!!!

Good luck John, it has been good knowing you mate.

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