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It is easy for a player to win over supporters if they are good players and are enjoyable to watch them playing, but like the team at Scunthorpe, when probably 8 of the team are not good enough to be playing in League football, in such case it is easy to see why paying fans get on their backs at times, it is the same in any job really, if a painter and decorator is working for you and is making a bloody mess of things, surely you will have a go at him. We have had some cracking players over the years, but right now it is not worth the effort to attend matches, I for one should know after 70 years watching them, and only missing one home game in the past 12 years since finishing work, but I am sorry to say, that the management have ended my enjoyment and entertainment by presenting what they do at GP, if things got better, I would probably return, but I don’t hold much hope with this lot in charge. It is the same as Speedway, I have only missed one match in 12 years, but there is more entertainment in two minutes than United produce in 90 mins, thats why we attend.

Made me laugh when Les said Hippo “NEARLY” scored with a dazzling shot at Barrow, so a missed shot is the thing that has stuck in his mind, that just shows to me that nothing of note really happened during the game, and after listening to it on the radio, that is about it.

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