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It is nearly bound to be Turan that is offloaded, but as you say both him and Jarvis may as well go, even if they claim full wages till end of contract, simply because they are never ever going to be selected for any matches, in fact both should have been pedled long since. And at the same time get rid of whoever signed them in the first place.

Surely a couple of forwards, possibly being a winger and a centre forward are much more in need than another mid-fielder. The thing is, we do not have even one forward that is of League 2 standard, and who is going to score goals out of Loft, Hippolyte,Green, Jarvis and Turan?????, so it looks as though there will be no replacement for a keeper, just hope the Coventry lad is not out for long.

The sad fact is that nearly the full squad and the management are never going to form any sort of team that can stay in League football.

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