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When you’ve only one striker it’s Hobson’s Choice!

Give Jessop a go which would have made perfect sense. Also could have started Wilson wide right and stuck Bunn up there playing off Loft.

I’m telling you now, Cox is a wrong un… along with the chairman and the other crap at the club.

Cox just isn’t good enough and never will be.

We’re down to bare bones in terms of striking options and he doesn’t think it would have been a good idea to give Jessop a go up top with Loft in a non league match to see how he get’s on ?

Sorry but that’s plain stupid.

Instead of that he packs defensive and sticks Loft upfront on his own, when we all know already that IT DOESN’T EFFING WORK.

Still opts for a CM at RB when Rowe is bench warming.

I don’t understand any of it. Absolutely fecking stupid.

I know he’s hamstrung by the budget but his decision making with what he has got defies logic.

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