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We have a budget and Cox has to find players to fit that budget, unless of course you want the club to spend more than it can afford.

I thought everyone wanted a sustainable football club rather than someone like Swann pumping in millions?

Half clubs in National league have bigger budget than us according to the iron Bru podcast on Friday night.

The things that you are saying uptheiron99 are correct regarding budgets etc, but these same rules also apply to the other 23 clubs in League 2, so it cannot be singled out as if Scunthorpe are the only club that have a limited budget.

It is the same situation regarding Mr Swann keep making reference to the club being hit by the Covid virus, you will not need making aware that this virus has been a country wide, in fact a world wide epedemic, it has not been limited to Scunthorpe!!!

I am sorry to say, but all clubs are governed by 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, yes all 24 teams come under these rules, so teams that are lingering at the bottom of the League are have either players or managements that are not as good as the others that are doing better. Todays result should not shock Scunthorpe supporters simply because we lost our FIRST EIGHT MATCHES LAST SEASON, and also ended the season without I think it was ONE WIN IN OUR LAST 10 GAMES, so most of the players have now gone, but we are still being run by the same management!!!!, so will it again be acceptable if we lose our firs eight matches again?????, it certainly points in that direction. We will probably get knocked out of the two early Cup competitions as usual, and be sitting at the bottom of League 2, by September, so once again, we will be like Butlins Holiday Camp, our seasons will be over by the end of September, and budgets and Covid will certainly be the cause!!!

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