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I will keep banging on about foreign owners Ferrite because they have brought the franchise mentality into our game bigtime. Wonder how many times the no relegation no promotion model has been floated by these owners to the Premier league over recent times?, indeed the late Phil Gartside wanted it applied when he was Bolton chairman back in the day. Take a look at what happened financially to Bolton and you can see why, being ring fenced by the Premier league’s wealth would have been right up the mismanagement street of his club. These foreign owners see promotion and relegation as a threat to future profits, whether their clubs have a poor season or not, no relegation means poorly run clubs get guaranteed money season after season. Without promotion or relegation the game is dead, where is the ambition, the desire to get better, to push a club on to improve? What about the fans?, yeah funny that, fans who were the reason our national game took off in the first place. Plus isn’t the magic of a European night against the likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus etc all about the thrill of achieving a top four finish, in the hope you draw them in next season’s competition, not playing them twice a year regular as clockwork season after season, how is that special. This wants strangling at birth, it’s maybe posturing anyway to get more power in the current set up but either way either kick it into touch or fuck them all off. No mercy, the national structure of our game and it’s traditions are more under threat then ever with this greedy self indulgent bullshit.

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