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Uptheiron99—–you take the piss by calling us suooiters customers, well pal I am a supporter and a customer, and have pribably put many, many thousands of pounds into the club over 69 years, it started in 1951 at 6d per week, and after just thinking, this season has cost £240 for my pensioners season ticket, I didn’t get it at the pre-season special price, and like most other true fans, did not want or request any refund for the clubs offer regarding the lost games from last deason, and on top of this, there is the added cost of the 23 away i-follower games at £10 each, so this is a total cost of about £500 to me, and there will be a good few others like myself.

So when you slag us off Uptheiron99, I think that we can probably be called suporters!!, and at least the Chairman could have said to the elderly guy that he was sorry to hear that he would be no longer be getting his usual season ticket, and hope that he has a change of mind. So do you still feel that suporters do not have any reason to complain about Coxes defensive rubbish being presented to us, I am wondering if Mr Cox will invite myself for a chat????

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