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UTI I have always been clear that there are supporters and customers. Most if not all on here I would say are supporters, irrespective of whether they are season ticket holders or visit the odd game as and when circumstances allow. The core of supporters is around 2,500 (and falling) the customers are those that come on grass roots day or £5 Port Vale game or maybe a local derby for the atmosphere – it made it something that people would experience that they wouldn’t normally do – they don’t support the cinema but pop down to the local Odeon every now and again.

The problem is, in cinematic terms, these customers know the film is garbage, has been garbage for 2/3 years now and the queue for the hotdogs is far too long, the car park looking more like a bombsite. A lot will leave thinking the experience is not worth the outlay and choose to do other things.

The club used to be about the community, its more about a failing business model (I say fail because the model has shifted after not succeeding and is shifting again) for a wealthy owner who is becoming more detached from the fans. The continuous media appearances don’t tell you anything but some lap it up as engagement with fans. The talking ‘at’the fan the other night when any other consumer led business would look to engage and win them back shows more about the state of the club. Are there worse chairman? Yes absolutely but this is used by apologists as the benchmark for our clubs (careful what you wish for…look at xxfc – Colchester looking a bit dodgy – the club owing the owners other business £m’s – who’d have thought!)

If we serve up this football under this procurement strategy for players we’ll be down to 1,500 people through the door. We are losing so much quality this season and will be replacing with non-oven ready players.