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I don’t think you can really class what Cox has been doing as “mistakes”. Cox has put thought into it and chooses to take that approach.

I will put that down to a negative mindset rather than making mistakes. I fear this is what Cox is like. It appears to me that he’s just a negative manager who’s completely gone into his shell.

I honestly don’t understand why he’s not going back to 4/4/2. Loft is struggling so playing him upfront on his own is no good to anybody.

Nothing to lose yesterday, what did he do ?. Took a striker of for a striker instead of putting one beside Loft. Again, that’s not a mistake…that’s a negative mindset.

I don’t think fresh players next season will solve it either. I suspect the problem mostly is with Cox.

You can have the worlds best musicians making up the most impressive orchestra the world has ever seen but if the conductor is utter crap, what would you ever really get out of them ?

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