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Here goes with the grim task of trying to look on the bright side for another matcj summary.

WATSON—6—Did what he could and no fault with either goal made one fantastic point blank save.
HOWE–6–He is getting better with ga,e time. works well with Gilliead.
BEDEAU—6—Defended well. but lacks height for corners were we are very vunerable.
CLARKE—5—Two bad toughes which went unpunished, Onariasse badly missed.
O’MALLEY—7—I like him playing, up against a really fast winger, but stuck with him.
BEESTIN—6—Not able to support forward play because of Carlisle constant attack.
GREEN—5—Did nothing again before being injured.
KARACAN–8—Probably my MOM, see his class in him.
SPENCE–6–Played ok, but no support for our inapt front.
GILLIEAD–7—A few good runs, but head dropped after 0-2 down, nothing up front again.
LOFT—4—The young guy gets worse, no ball control, poor passer and no support from anywhere.

EISA–5—He should be playing better than this, whats gone wrong??
MCTEE–5—Also has given up, poor team system and no one is really bothered in Scunny.

REF—8—Did very well and kept it going where possible, a first year ref is not narmally as good as this guy, and they are normally whistle happy.

COX—4—When will this guy give up with his one up front rubbish, and try attacking for a change, and for fans watching to get a scrap of enjoyment and entertainment out of our matches.
Cox has knocked all fun out of supporting the team, we are well safe in the league, but still will not let the team play a bi of attacking football, his systems have ruined any fun out of watching.
Sad report, but what can we say after getting overrun, and it should have been 5-0 with the chances they missed.

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