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Mick, As I have said many times friend, everyone has his or her opinion of players performances on the day, in my opinion Howard is a nightmare, today he did keep a clean sheet, but Bradford missed a few sitters, they hit the woodwork three times, and the save you are on about Mick, the ball hit him on the body because of a bad shot of theirs. To be honest mate did you not think that Bradford had scored on two occasions??? because I certaimly did, the fact is Mick, that he did not really make a save worth noting, and a 5 is an average score for a very average performance.

Anyway if you agree with ten of my ratings, I will settle for that ha ha!, but Howard really did have a very average match, and had another feck up with Clarke, and Hull KR scouts were spotted in the stands, they must be after a new goal kicker!!!!!!!