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Howard 6 not much to do nearly got the penalty but all season his kicking has been garbage. Should leave end of season

Rowe 4 – poor passing today

Clarke 3 – would’ve got 5 but petulant reaction could’ve lost us the game. Should leave ens of season

Bedeau 5 – bang average, lucky first half when let ball bounce over him in penalty area

Brown 5 – average

Gillead 5 – runs a lot but no end product for a couple of months now

Beestin 4 – OK he scored but the first half performance was one of the worst from a CM

Karacan 6 – best player for us but not saying much

Green 4 – can somebody at the club train him to take the football with him when he runs fast otherwise you may as well play Forrest Gump

KVV 4 – I believe he his sulking after being offered £700/wk contract. Looks like his mind is elsewhere now. Shame

Loft 4 – back to his ‘cannot control the ball’ best

Ref 6 – given a decision by Clarke and followed the rules could argue Red was harsh

Cox 3 – no plan B no intelligence no clue. He is young and learning but he really does not show me anything to suggest he has any chance of longevity in this career.

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