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Well guys no body will be attacking me tonight regarding the MOM, simply because we didn,t have one, team selection was shite, team tactics were shite, the whole team was shite and very few of them wanted to be playing, they were outplayed from start to finish.

HOWARD—5—Could have done better with both of their goals.
O’MALLEY—5—Took some really godd corners, but no forward even bothered to go for them.
BEDEAU—6—Probably played as well as any of them, but that means nothing tonight.
KAANAVAN—6—Not his usual self.
ROWE—5—Has played a lot better, too many free kicks given away.
BEESTIN—6—No link up between defence and forwards.
HIPPOLITE—6—Trie but not really good enough, dropped off after half time.
GREEN—3—disappointing, not involved in anything.
CLARKE—5—Not any better than he is at full back.
eisa—3—Not interested, looked non league class at very best.
LOFT—3—Should be on the bench if this playing system is used.

SUBS—-5—None of them made any difference, the rot was too far instilled.

REF—3—Was bloody terrible, blew up every minute, not had a look at the number of free kicks awared, but it must be near 30 to 40.. Blew up contiually, whistle happy prick.

COX—2—-The team selection was a bloody joke, our best players all dropped to the bench at once, KVV, GILLIEAD, SPENCE, CLARKE all dropped so they can target next Saturdays game at Leyton, and had no intention of trying for points in tonights match.

This was one of the worse games I have seen by Scunny since starting watching them in 1951, in fact we did not have one shot on target in the 97 minutes, boring shite Cox.

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