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Yes it was Beestin that scored, just a slip of the keyboard, but not quiet a hanging offence is it.

I’m afraid it is BS, as we speak a scaffold is being constructed outside your old boozer the Bellend. Please be there 6 o clock prompt on Friday, several moles will be available for any last request of yours that may be granted. Don’t forget to say cheese to the camera when the handle is pulled by Mr Bullybeeftin. 😂 PS. Book an eye test.

Iron-awe, funny thing pal, I have an eye test booked for 10-15 on the 9th March, but I think that my eyes need more than new specs, I must have had too many moles.

Tell them to make sure it is a strong scaffolding that will take at least 20 stoned, and one last request is for me to meet the FORUM SIX and treat them to a good piss up in the Bellend Pub ha ha! and no bloody need for any Moles, those little brats are too painfull.