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I just cannot believe that so many Scunny fans are saying that we where poor today and it was a poor match, Harrogate came to Scunny today being the form team of League Two, and had scored good points in their last 4 or 5 matches, we had not played for three weeks and although they should be full of energy, match practice was very short for our team, so although Harrogate probably had more possesion, I think that they did not make many goal scoring chances, Scunny scored three cracking goals and Harrogate scored a penalty which was never a penalty in ten years, it was a result of their player taking one of his twenty dives during the game.

My player ratings for todayare:-

HOWARD—-7—Nothing much to do really, but looked ok.
CLARKE—7–Playe well enough and overlapped a lot in 1st half.
BROWN–7–A bit shakey first 15 min, but played very well after that’
BEESTIN–7–Solid match an got stuck in, played well.
TAFT—8—I like this player, gets through a lot of work and is quick.
GILLIEAD–8—As usual worked very hard, some good runs and crosses.
ONARIASE–9—As usual, my MOM, he plays well every game, a very good signing.
KARACAN—8—Played well on his return to the team, he will be a good asset.
GREEN–7–Started well for 15 mins, then faded badly and went missing for long spells.
LOFT—7—Ran his socks off and was knackered when subbe, some need passes.
EISA—7—Well I do not know what to say, a couple of good runs, but some terrible passes.


REF—7—Di ok apart from that terrible penalty he gave them, also should have restrickted their constant diving, but in generl kept the game going and we have had a lot worse.

COX—8—Did well today, but we could do with a bit more play in the other half of the pitch, funy how no part played by Rowe and O’Malley, but at least there is no signs of Turan and Hippolyte, but where was McAtee???

In general, a very good three points and four wins on the bounce, and it should have been four clean sheets also, because it was spoiled by that stupid penalty.

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