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I am a 12th man and I will NOT be watching !

Being treat with contempt again, so why bother. Really feel for those players who get zero opportunity yet some senior pro’s seem to have ego’s & tantrums and certainly no interest get selected time and again.

The forgotten faces would battle those that should know better can’t be bothered.

Hell Sanfran, I was shocked when you said that you were 12th man, I thought for a minute that
you would have been on the bench ha ha!, although you would probably be an improvement on Turan, Loft and Hippolyte, and you may do better if put in goal, at least you would come off your goal line. I was just thinking mate, although we do not pay extra with being season ticket holders, I am actually paying double this season, with also paying for all away games as well, and actually paid twice for one home match, when not entering a code number, just think, paying double for a Scunny match, but calmed down when the bank statement came a few weeks after the match. I was just thinking Sanfran, you woulsn’t last long if you were playing, two yellow cards for mouthingthe ref and linno!!!