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You cannot really blame Peter Swann, he could not have asked any more easy questions if he had prepared them himself, the trouble was from the start, Matt is too nice a guy to be given the job of asking and selecting the questions, we all knew what it would be like, just as the forums at GP are, or should have said were.

With the football club being in the state it is and has been for over three years, it should have been the easiest job in the world to throw the questions at him that supporters are wanting answers to.

Every present aspect of our club is in tatters.
1. Club finances.
2. Quality of the present squad of players.
3. The size of the squad of over 30 players.
4. The complete lack of entertainment being served up for over 3 years.
5. Why the defensive set up even when home to crap teams.
6. Why do we insist on playing with only one up front player.
7. Who selected to bring in all these sub-standard players?.
8. Who will be choosing any future incoming players.
9. N Lincs Covid record being so good how can you use it as excuse for our record?
10. Do you not feel that you have lost many loyal season ticket holders, after 2020?
11. With a record of two wins in 15 Homre games, what more can the manager do to get sacked?
12. With a squad of over 30 players, how can we not have at least 1 keeper and centre forward
13. Is there any need for an under 23 team, withit being Jan and only played 3 matches?
14. How much longer can the clunb survive with no money coming in?
15. Do you not think we are overloaded with all the managers, asst managers, coaches etc.
16. How many more matches like the present one’s are you to put up with ?????

After the 2 new stadiums, 1 ground re-furbishment, 160 appartment construction, Championship football ambition, what are next seasons carrots awauting to be dangled at the season ticket holders, and loyal supporters. the only one I can think of is the offer of seeing new visiting teams from Chorley and Dover etc.

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