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Well —-j charles, I couldn’t have summed up the club and teams situation better than you have put things, but I just cannot see why Cox and party have so many fans that think that they are not doing anything wrong. We are nearly bottom of League 2, we were knocked out of all three Cups 1st round, we are serving up utter rubbish week after week, and although we are in dire trouble no action is being taken by top management. I ask the question, do supporters actually want us in Non-League football??????????, because that is where we are heading, and it is not easy to get back up, ask clubs like York, Wrexham, Chesterfield, Hartlepool etc.

When you see the ceap being served up each week, remember that it is Cox, Lillis and Mussa that are training these guys.

Only point where you are wrong Mr Charles is that it is the worste Scunny team in 69 years and not 60 as you say, I have watched them since 1951 mate thats why.