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Guys, I have missewd one home match in the last `12 years and that was when I left my season ticket at home. This season has been a disaster, and it is the third one of this kind on the trot, it is even a pain sitting in comfort in my study watching it on ifollower, can anyone honestly say that they are enjoying it??, so what is the point in driving to GP, parking up at 13-30hrs, and sitting in the car till 14-40 to get a blue badge space near to my seat location. But as I just said, at 80 years of age there is no point freezing one’s rocks off when entertainment and enjoyment is not on offer, so after 69 years, maybe it is time to call it a dAY, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??? The 69 years have provided some great matches, and some poor one’s as well, but most off our teams always had players that were good to watch, andwe now appear to have players of very poor standard, and even some that are not giving their best, and no one seems to be capable of changing things, so why do some supporters think that it is wrong to blame to management???. When I say that I have supported Scunny for all these years, until the last three years or so, I also drove to probably 10 away games each season, which in some cases involved overnight hotel stays, so I think that I have done my bit ha ha!