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Not being listened to?
You mean like when I warned YEARS AGO that Swann was going to do this club a disservice? That the new stadium was madness and pie in the sky? That he was a property developer not a football club chairman? And that his alleged meddling would cost us dear?

Not seen (m)any apologies from the mockers and abusers either.

And there’s STILL folk support him. How daft can you get?

When I said this, when I said that. Listen, you weren’t the only one banging that drum so stop trying to make out you were some sort of prophet or visionary. I think someone said a long time ago you were enjoying all this demise. Starting to believe them. Just stating the bleeding obvious over and over again.

Still mardy because I took the p*ss?😆

Look back.

Find ONE other who saw through Swann and his bullshoot even at the same time as me. Let alone before.

Then look back and find the many many rude, mocking and downright abusive posts from those who disagreed.
Including your good self.🙄

Now….take a deep breath, be a MAN, admit you and others were WRONG, apologise and we’ll go forward.

Continually having a go at those who know better plays right into Swann’s wingtips.