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J charles, who cares. I think you’re missing the main point here.

Swann did say he got rid of Turnbull because he was using other sources for players, obviously this fella was one of them.

This is what you get when you have a chairman who sticks his nose in to areas of the club he shouldn’t be venturing in.

Now we’re stuck with utter crap.

This supposed clued up transfer committee signed 4 strikers, 3 of them probably not fit enough to grace non league and one in Loft who’s average.

Cordner and Vincent are both crap. Taylor was a pointless signing to start with.

Then you have Cox who signed probably the worst player I’ve witnessed since Tomi Ameobi.

Step forward Mr Hippolyte.

This is why scouting systems are there in the first place, to safeguard against this circus.

Only upside is Taylor, Cordner and Vincent could easily be sent back.

Butroid ,Hallam and Olomola are soon to be out of contract so they may be fairly easy to shift you would have thought.

Answers on a postcard how we shift on Jarvis, Turan and Hippolyte who are all on 2yr contracts.

Yeovil may come back for Hippolyte on loan but who the feck are going to go near Turan and Jarvis ?