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Well Sharp Shooteer, I must agree with 95% of your asswssments of the players today, it was very very poor indeed. It is a long time since SUFC had a good goalkeeper, and we have had some very poor centre forwards over the past 3 or 4 years, but in 69 years following Scunny, Loft and Turan are the worst we have ever had. We are midway thgough a patch when we are playing probably the worst six teams in the League, we would be in that group ourselves, and results are the three points we collected today being our points total up to now.

I appreciate you doing this thread mate, I had decided that it was not a wisw thing for me to continue with it, after last weeks effort when we got 14 members contributing to it, which included 4 of them being by myself, and two from Northubiron commenting on my spelling and English, leaving 8 from others. This alomng with the topic of “The knee” which should not be on the football section which collected 220 comments, I enjoy this weekly section regarding player ratings, and would appreciate if you continued with it pal, plus you are not affraid to tell it as it is. Cheers for this.