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“I appreciate that a few of you are wanting to hear my views on the issues”.

I certainly don’t and it would have been better if you hadn’t. Stick to the player ratings thread!

Hello Heath I see that you do not change much, why not just stick to being nice when putting things on here, peple have their own views on subjects, and some will nt accept any view of others if they don’t agree with theirs. I respect your view but I bet that you are nasty when you take the knee, it is difficult for you to act any other way, I pity you being so full of nastynes. You must have too much time on your hands now that your school holidays have started, by the way don’t forget to fill in your Prediction League forcasts pal, I remember at the start of the season saying you only joined it to try and beat me, I see that you have rightfully given up that idea ha ha! So enjoy the rest of your school holiday friend and please put your match comments after tomorrow nights two games on the Rating Marks.