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Well said Rob, you comments are backed by over 90% of the Scunny fans, your views are exactly what we are all thinking and saying. After our record over the past three seasons, and in particular the present one, the club has nose dived from the League One play off location and are now bottom of League Two, and Mr Swann only uses the Corvid and no crowd issues as the reason for winning one game out of 14 matches, including 8 lossws on the bounce. Is he hinting that this is not an issue at every other club????, the reason is that someone has signed players like Turan, Loft and Hippolyte, and the management are thinking that they will come good, there is no bloody chance of that happening!!.

The once proud club is now in a position of being 10 million in debt, have a playing squad with 70% of them not good enough, and a management team that is taking us into non-league football, and week after week nothing changes or gets thr slightest bit better, and after years of taking in Mr Swanns bull shit regarding New Stadium, then a second New Stadium, followed by the refurbishment of GP, and not lets forget the 160 new flats, but the only change down there is the ground name.

I cannot see many supporters turning out to watch the rubbish even if fans were allowed into the grounds, our club has lost ots way big time, and after listening to Mr Swann on Sunday, he seems to think things will get better starting next Saturday, the truth is that we cannot defend even when playing most of the team in defence, we cannot score goals, so how the hell are things going to change. I have given Mr Swann my full support for over six years, but my opinion has vastly changed, what is it “1 WIN, 1 DRAW and 12 DEFEATS INCLUDING 8 ON THE BOUNCE”, yes things should change on Saturday.