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Watson, Cordner, Bedeau, Hippolyte all shocking.

McGahey and Onarise is our only hope but that will only work with a semi competent keeper.

First half Watson pulled off “the usual” but got away with it thanks to an offside flag. 2nd half progressed to just letting it go straight through him and didn’t bother getting anyone to tap it in.

Onarise looks like he might have something but you could throw Van Dijk into this shower of shite and he’d come out looking like a clown.

Said at half time Hippolyte had the worst half I could remember seeing and boy did he top it. Stupid needless tackle in the first minute of the 2nd. 53 mins he makes his first pass of the day to a scunny player. One minute later, on a booking, kicks someone from behind right in front of the ref.

Liked Cordner at first but he didn’t manage to head it out of our box today and Bedeau is a shambles.

McAtee aka Colclough 2.0 is gonna have a big shock coming his way. Half a season and one goal in league 2 and he thinks he’s Messi and he should be in the prem. Clearly thinks he’s above us now but if he keeps on like he is the only way he’s going is down.

I stopped watching after 70 mins so if anyone got worse or improved (seems unlikely) after that that’s why I didn’t mention it.