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Watson 5 still too weak, lots of long balls straight to the keeper
Hornshaw 4 not good enough for league football
Bedeau 5 too many basic errors
Cordner 4 very poor positioning and very weak
O’Malley 5 not his best game but should learn by watching how FGR played. I think he will learn more looking at how others play rather than learning from our manager (ironically)
Eisa 6 some good spots but needs more game time and confidence
Spence 6 basic simple passing – choice between attacking pass or pass back he picks the latter
Vincent 4 getting worse by the game and too much like Spence. Both quite negative players stifles any movement or creativity
Gillead 6.5 tried several runs but when support required nobody near
Taylor 5 started brightly but learned that nobody was making runs finding space or trying to dominate so started to become a busy fool dropping deep and appearing everywhere to the detriment of his attacking instinct. The player Vale had is a lot different because of the players he is playing with
Jarvis 5 isolated, good goal, keeper should’ve stopped nothing else

Loft 3 Awful awful positional sense has no idea where to put himself, passing needs work

McAtee 5 ok needs game time and sort his attitude

Beestin some decent touches not on long

Cox 3 mixed feelings; he’s been dealt a really shit hand with the players he’s got and those injured but I see no tactical nous or any ability to affect the game.

Swann needs to get a keeper RB and CM in on loan or other asap otherwise our only hope will be not finishing the season. Whatever he thinks will work, won’t. We need experience