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Hi Ironfromafar
Oddly enough my burger van WONT be open today!
We will however have three catering outlets open in the ground, offering a large variety of food and drink, anyone can purchase from either of the outlets.
The menu is not the same in all of them although they All do hot and cold drinks.
If you want our well liked burgers you will only get them at the main kitchen adjacent to the club house.
If you want our speciality roast pork and stuffing roll, with apple sauce and gravy you will need the outlet adjacent to the members lounge those two outlets along with a third outlet near to the players tunnel will all have hot dogs, pies ,pasties, sausage rolls, crisps, chocolate, etc
The main kitchen also does a breakfast menu early all day.
Hope this helps.

Woh sounds brilliant Patrick ..

Makes my mouth water Pat deffo a burger and the pork bap, (Deerey you should be going for the food lol)just about to set off for the train, hope the weather holds up looking forward to meeting you Pat.

Hey Awaywego treat yourself to a pork bap for me ok .. and a couple or 3 of pints.

Enjoy the day out.