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A post unashamedly copied from a Scunthorpe United fan on the fans Facebook page, I await Hilton’s reply.

“David White whilst rationale makes perfect sense, how about you review the situation properly before make statements (or rather non official social media posts).
Firstly you scrap the youth, then a week later the kids are relieved that you have listened, now, so far down the line they will likely struggle to find a club now you have U-turned again.
How can you expect fans to be fully behind you when you don’t do your homework first and stick to a decision. We as fans are clearly going to have trust issues after the previous regime, and you are hardly endearing yourself to a large proportion of fans with the amount of on the face of it back tracking and changes in circumstances.
Oh and by the way, if you would rather invest to try and get us back to the league asap, why would you employ a manager with half a year experience at the level we find ourselves with no proven record, it’s almost our very own Ted Lasso when you think of it…”

As you mention Facebook, is someone on the Columbian marching powder? Vetting members, step aside Kim Jong Un!