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After the great seasons of watching the Iron over the last 59 years, and I have seen the dark days in the 70s when we had little support and money, I have seen some great football under Laws and Nige with a few hick ups in between but the team tried hard to win games and we used create loads of chances whether we won, lost or drew, I had some great days out regardless of results land seen some fantastic players play for the club, but this last 3 seasons have been unreal, the way we got relegated 2 seasons ago with that run in when 10 points from 15 games would have kept us up to the bad start last season and the untimely sacking of Hurst because the Chairman wanted to have a bigger cull last season and bring youngsters in then,then more backs to the wall football from Russ with the home defeat to Grimsby without a shot on target looked like starting another drop down the league until Covid saved us, then the departures in the Summer and the massive recruitment of players nobody had heard of has now taken us to a new low football and results wise, we have won one game with a lot of luck and Watson finally having a good game, well it was overdue after 47 games, but now we have been conceding for fun with exciting tactics where we hardly have a shot at goal but the only grace we have is we have a few players coming back from injury and signed Junior Brown, but will it stop the rot because confidence is low and though fans were pleased when Neil Cox and Mark Lillis came back we were promised 4 4 2 exciting football and we have seen the total opposite, so if this continues I will not renew my season ticket and just go to a few games, if we are allowed back.

And now Mick?