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Thanks for the earnest reply. That cleared up a lot of it. I am sorry if my last reply was curt towards you, but I have felt that many fans have been chastised for worrying and being sceptical of Hilton.

As for animosity towards Iron Bru on Facebook, you must have missed last week when Hilton launched baseless accusations against the runners of the site and ended up appearing to insult fans on here by calling them ‘vermin’. He later clarified by saying he meant Swann, but it was really clumisly worded so it was easy to misinterpret this. Thankfully he and the site owners have cooled the animosity this week, but plenty of fans on there seem to have taken it as a means to abuse others. There is one fan on there who has been threatened for being sceptical of Hilton. It’s this what bothers me when negativity is deemed toxic by those engaging or turning a blind eye to this.

I don’t remember the thread where Dean and Hilton got personally abused (not saying it didn’t happen), but I wouldn’t agree with such.

I am sure you do hope such, but I am sceptical about Hilton’s good work on such so far. I am aware of Swann’s own role and am not defending such. We would be nowhere near where we are now if it wasn’t for him. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game tomorrow and hope Ilkeston have a good season.