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Let’s put this deal between the two egotists into perspective.
Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood what’s been happening.
The deal to buy GP and the surrounding land.
Hilton agreed to a deal for the full asking price in January and Swann accepted that offer giving him 4 months to complete the “legals”.
Hilton waited those 4 months without doing so and then used a “loophole” that his solicitor allegedly found enabling Hilton to squat at the stadium whilst paying the land owner nothing.
Does that come across as the actions of an honest and astute businessman that should be allowed to be the custodian of a community asset such as a professional football club?
A further 2 months later (now 6 months on from agreeing a deal) “legals” have either not been completed or not started, I assume Hilton has been paying these lawyers for their time.
Swann, none of us can possibly forget or ever forgive him for his shambolic tenure at our club, he has a lot to answer for.
He turned what was once described as the best run small club in England to the absolute car crash on the brink of extinction that we are now witnessing.
Hilton, comes across as a spiv type wide boy looking for “loopholes” to avoid paying for a deal he agreed to 6 months ago and has so far despite claiming he has the funds, has not honoured the deal.
I never trusted Swann and I don’t trust Hilton.

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