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Absolute bollocks, Hilton was and is more than happy to pay the original asking price for GP it is Swann that moved the goalposts and begged for an installment before the legals were complete, would you pay for a house before you had a survey done? His preferred option is still to purchase GP and redevelop but if Swann wants to leave it to become derelict and overgrown then that’s his choice. Hilton cannot simply walk away either, he is already £2 million in! The allegations made against Bru are 100% correct, they had opportunities to ask the difficult questions when they interviewed Swann but there noses were so far up his arse it was impossible, the interview was embarrassing, this used to be a great site but it has become a joke now. I am 100% behind Hilton and have seen the evidence from him to give me the confidence to back him