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There is no such thing as a ‘kick-about’ in professional football.

A kick-about is something kids have in the back ginnel, in the street, on a bit of scrubland / grass.

Every professional should enter every game with the mind set and mentality that they are going out for a win and to deliver that win.
There is no such thing as a ‘friendly’ in professional football.

Every player, in every game is under scrutiny from the manager, coaches and in some cases, the directors of clubs.
In addition, scouts and managers of other clubs may be at the game – or even a national scout (U15 to U23 and full)

You are playing for your next start, your next contract, your next move in your career. You are playing not only to win but to enhance your profile, to assist your club to be successful, you are playing for your pride and the clubs status & heritage.
You are playing for the fans who spend thousands over a lifetime following their club.

The winning mentality can not be turned on or off.

It’s born in to winners and that’s part of the reason that the very best get to the top.

Every game for a professional footballer is a must win game.

You never know who may be watching.