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It’s a crying shame that free thought cannot happen without such vitriol. I know I can be forthright in my own opinions, but I accept that others may not be so concerned about Hilton. I find it baffling, but I get that after so much turmoil with Swann people just want hope and will be prone to blaming Swann for everything (and he deserves a lot of the blame). However, the reaction from some towards others for thinking otherwise is poor, and the owners of this site seem to be a lightning rod for them. It’s an absolute disgrace that Hilton launched a pile on against those who dedicate their time to running this website in an attempt to sow division.

Hilton claims to want unity, but his actions yesterday have betrayed that. Criticism, even unfair, is part and parcel of being a football club owner. I don’t think there’s an owner in the country who doesn’t deal with it to some extent. However, good owners tend to let their actions speak louder than their words. They don’t turn to social media to whip up a storm against those who aren’t patting their backs.

I would say that if his intention was to create a unified fanbase, it failed spectacularly, but I don’t think that was his motive. As with Bury before, he has a habit of trying to sow discontent against anyone who is remotely sceptical. I know I have been suspicious and sceptical; some might think too much. However, Hilton’s actions yesterday show him up for the man he is and have only made me more so. I have hoped that my worries were false, but the guy is unlikeable and I worry about having him in charge of the club while he acts like he does. It’s unprofessional and does nothing other than divide.

Those who want unity should reflect on how we can have a unified fanbase when the owner engages in abuse and baseless claims against other fans.

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