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The fuse is all but burnt out.
Imminent explosion?

If we are evicted – we have no ground.
The closer it gets to the first game of the season, the more difficult it becomes to rearrange fixtures and have them sanctioned by the NLN.
If we were to ground share, I believe we can only nominate one ‘home’ ground?
We would have to find alternative dates to play games that clash with our host club.
Sunday afternoon football?
I can’t see our opponents agreeing to that – they’ll play hard ball.
Friday night football?
Our hosts wouldn’t agree to that as they’d have no time to prepare their pitch for their fixture the next day.
We could end up in a situation where we end up playing half of our ‘home’ fixtures on our opponents ground.
Ground sharing with Trinity has been banded about for weeks.
How many of our fixtures clash with Trinity’s?
It could be that we are deemed unable to fulfil fixtures even before the season starts and are kicked out of the league.
It could all implode very, very quickly now!

The Northern Premier League fixtures aren’t even out yet!

The window of opportunity decreases daily.

If there is to be a groundshare your club may have already arranged (should it come to it) for you to have primacy of fixtures whereby the other club then fits in with your requirements. Would no doubt be reflected in the cost of renting the ground. The National League would also want to see proof that your stay there as tenants is secure… that would be the case whether it’s GP or someone else’s ground.