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Well said Captain Cod, I’m a haddock man myself but after your post you are definitely ” Dish Of The Day “. 🐟

I can’t stand cod , my nickname was given to me by some of your fans whilst working on the renovations at Baths hall! Captain Haddock doesn’t really sound right !
The situation doesn’t look good , Swanny shafted you big time and it looks like Hilton’s shafting Swann. The Thing I worry about Hilton is the Trump like posturing. He’s not answering any valid questions and just attacking those asking.
He must have anticipated this given his past. He’s trying to turn it into an either you’re with me or against me scenario.
Don’t let it turn into team Hilton V team Swann. The clues in the name . United.
We maybe rivals but this shouldn’t happen to any football club .

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