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Hilton’s Facebook post………..

A classic example of divide and rule, nothing more than diversionary tactics.

He could have used the opportunity via more official channels to provide a tangible and concise update on more pertinent subjects such as the dispute concerning the freehold, training ground, the two plots of land, new stadium design and build, summer recruitment, 1899 refunds, the list really is endless.

There are two elements within his ramblings where I would have concerns. Firstly, Hilton states that he has created a business model that is now sustainable. He doesn’t know this as there are too many uncontrollable variables at play with running a football club. It might be sustainable on a piece of paper whereas reality has a nasty habit of kicking you. Secondly, Hilton states that he’s handing over the running of the club to local people and supporters, my question would be, why?

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