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Christ sake, Swann binned off all the Directors and put his family in….you all whinge, new guy tries to put a board of Directors together to control the day to day running of the club and guess what??? you all whinge. It is actually becoming depressing supporting this club.

Dunno about BECOMING depressing Pat , its not been very positive for years.

Iam 100% behind DH , JD the team staff and just hope the club can stop the rot and move back up the footballing pyramid.

Whilst a get its a business and needs investment and direction from where ever possible the club seems to be able to blanket cover every conceivable avenue across all forms of social media re sponsoring etc etc yet when it comes to day to day updates on both on n off field goings on what most fans want to know there seems to be a real lack of effort to do just that in a timely manner.

Also general legitimate fan queries n questions being asked receiving little or no response is a tad off putting

Hoping for the best and trying to keep all the possible negatives firmly in the back of my mind as IMO this coming season is a defining one in the survival/future of SUFC.

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