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I’m walking into an ear bashing or keyboard equivalent here but maybe just maybe JD smashes it in this league? The owner wanted him due to his lower leagues winning mentality, some of the players we have are amazing on their day…. If he can get them to gel and remove the negativity of the last few years around the whole club then everything could really kick on.

I am not negative re JD and truly hope he smashes it … i am however just slightly concerned about some traits he showed in the end of last season firstly odd selections and secondly tactics (yes he was working with a nail in his boot and with poor players with very bad attitudes) so can he motivate this new group, lets hope so..

I agree with a previous post , a mix of really talented players possibly with big egos to manage wont be easy maybe why Andy Butler came in after Nelson left he will play a big part IMO.

No hiding place now i wish JD all the best… anything other than top few places after first dozen games or he could/should be toast .. hopefully not and he turns out to be the Lurpak butter (MY FAV) on that toast and a hero.

Reading fans SM there seems to be a real buzz and with a good start im sure attendances will be good and improve if the football on offer is entertaining.

New owner and managers first full season, all new team, new kit in a new league suppose you could say new fresh buzz and real optimism within the fan base …. putting the off field stuff aside this is Scunny being reborn.