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That’s all very well and good, but it doesn’t excuse him saying the Holocaust is up for questioning (or clarifying a febrile comment) or the other comments.

It’s not about Tories, but Jews, and the majority have issues with many leftists. Fat load of good that does them, as they get ignored and Jews will say the same about these leftists as you have done about Tories. Also, I am not a Tory and have never voted for them in my life, so can sleep happily in accusations considering the Tories’ record.

You only have to look at the Glastonbury film pulling. Not only was it named the same as a Nazi quote, it involved many accusing Glastonbury bowing to Jewish pressure. Even Billy Bragg got piled on for saying the Jewish element was ridiculous, which got them angry at Bragg for being a ‘Zionist’ agent. When criticised for this, the attackers all say that they’re not being anti-Semitic (these accusations cheapen it apparently), they are just criticising Israel. Same for art with face huggers strangling the statue of liberty with the star of David on, murals containing gross caricatures of Jews, platforming Holocaust deniers, waving of Hezbollah flags and more. It’s not good enough, no matter what the Tories do. Loach, Waters and others could not care less about Jew hatred and the party or ideology they belong to matters little.

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