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Couple of questions Les:

Who are the new accountant backers?

Since when have agents cared that much about set up? I thought their modus operandi was commission from transfers and increased player wages? Unless I’ve got that wrong?

How do you know Swann has stopped flapping? Where’s that info come from?

Don’t get me wrong, some very good things are happening (good signings early doors, a groundswell of support from fans and sponsors, etc). However, there are huge concerns over GP still, and budget sustainability.

Ì’d rather this tribalism (clappers v moaners) didn’t exist but it’s difficult not to fall into that trap when critical thinking is frequently undermined or derided. Probably similar for those who are more optimistic who get tired of being labelled happy clappers. I think it’s wise to be cautious and sceptical though. Don’t want a repeat of previous mistakes do we?

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