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Ps This Bucks malarkey is a bit irritating. When Gurney found negativity about his relentless ‘JI is Lesgeo’ tactic he switched to equating me with Bucks. There were many perspectives I shared with Bucks … and some I didn’t. I certainly found his style abrasive … but then again I’ve made no secret of how unattractive some of the tactics and posting styles of current posters can be at times. Bucks, it appears, has pretty well withdrawn. I definitely do feel that my own perspectives sit outside the general flavour of the board in many areas and some find it hard to resist ‘reacting’ rather than responding. This approach has been labelled ‘edgy’ in the past but, as you know, it’s not what I would call it! On the whole I do enjoy the cut and thrust of the forum and especially the sense that I may be offering ‘summat a bit different’ at times.