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I think I am ‘better than that ‘, Deerey and actually believe that you are genuine in saying that. I’ve definitely appreciated the divergent views … especially on the pro and more suspicious takes on Hilton.
Trump was not in my mind, Sidey. Not great to make assumptions and base a response on that without at least a qualification. I actually do agree with your post re truth and accountability for all.
On reflection I should hold my hands up and say that I knew my post would be provocative. I follow the U.S. scene probably more avidly than our own. I do think that it was reasonable to give the reference I gave … although the expected reaction, in my humble opinion, has at least as much to do with political perspective than examining fact based evidence. IA for example has absolute certainty that there’s ‘nothing to see’ regarding the examples I gave. I doubt he really has any more grounds for such certainty than any of us has. And since ‘the Donald ‘ was mentioned … he has been impeached twice and is steering his way through several court cases. Time will tell, as I said, whether the examples on the left will ever be deemed worthy of equal scrutiny. Netanyahu, for Heath, should be scrutinised under the Israeli system … and is being. The principle I referred to was equality under the law … not moderated by where one stands on the political spectrum.
Anyhow … glad to have dipped in again.